Steam Cleaning Wool carpets

A lot of people say you can’t steam clean wool carpets. Well, they are WRONG. You can steam clean wool carpets if you have the right experience and equipment; and we do! Best 1 Cleaning has been in business now for 15 years, and we have cleaned many, many wool carpets.

Some people compare cleaning a wool carpet to cleaning a woollen jumper. Most of us know that if you put a woollen jumper in a washing machine and clean it with hot water, it will probably shrink. The same could apply to woollen carpets if they are cleaned incorrectly and get saturated with water.

The Best 1 Method

When Best 1 cleans a wool carpet, it does not get saturated with water. This is because we use steam from our truck mounted machines. Steam is a vapour and is a very effective tool for cleaning carpets.

When Best 1 Cleaning does a steam clean, we use powerful suction to extract around 95% of the steam used to clean the carpets.

Our state-of-the-art, truck mounted machines allow us to regulate the amount of steam used, depending on the type and condition of the carpet. In general, we steam clean carpets at pressures between 300 and 400 psi.

The lack of knowledge of the different types of carpet fibre and the application of too much steam may leave a carpet over wet. It is very important that you use a professional carpet cleaner that understands the different types of carpet fibres and is correctly trained and experienced in cleaning wool carpets.

Many low-end organisations offering cut price cleaning have never had the correct training and do not understand how to correctly clean and restore wool carpets. They can do more damage than good.

So don’t be fooled by cheap carpet cleaners trying to win your business. Use a quality professional carpet cleaning company like Best 1 Cleaning. We have been in business now for 15 years, and pride ourselves on cleaning to Australian standards. All of our work comes with a 100% guarantee for your peace of mind.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning


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