How to remove those furniture impressions from your carpet

I’ve been asked so many times how do you get the dents out of carpets, and I’ve heard of a lot of different ways, some people believe just by using a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine that this should get them out, well I can tell you it doesn’t. So I thought I would do my own test on this and see what really works, so I have heard of one that anyone can try, and with limited risk of damaging the carpet. What I did was use ice cubs from the freezer and place them on the carpet you can see from the pictures in this article how I did it, I put them directly on the carpet, but I would recommend putting them into a plastic bag or wrap them in a tea towel, this will help prevent a water mark from occurring in certain carpet types. For the impressions to come out completely it took 2-3 days. You only need to put the ice cubs on once, after they have melted remove the as much moisture as possible with a clean cloth.  Then it’s just a waiting game if the dents don’t come out completely within 2-3 days just repeat the process again, but it worked first time when we tried it.

3.Best_1_Carpet_Cleanng_Brisbane_Gold__Sunshine_Coast_how_to_get_furniture_dents_out_of_carpet.JPG Impression in carpet

4.Best_1_Carpet_Cleanng_Brisbane_Gold__Sunshine_Coast_how_to_get_furniture_dents_out_of_carpet.JPG Placing ice cubes on carpet

5.Best_1_Carpet_Cleanng_Brisbane_Gold__Sunshine_Coast_how_to_get_furniture_dents_out_of_carpet.JPG Finished result